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Cosema Trading srl

COSEMA TRADING si rivolge a ogni tipologia di clientela, dal costruttore di macchine utensili con soluzioni stand-alone o personalizzate, al rivenditore-distributore con una gamma di prodotti standard a catalogo, fino all’utilizzatore finale, dal piccolo impianto bordo macchina all’impianto centralizzato per la gestione di tutto lo stabilimento o isole di lavoro.

L’offerta si completa con un’ampia gamma di tessuto filtrante di primissima qualità, proposto in diversi materiali, altezze e grammature così da soddisfare qualsiasi tipo di esigenza di filtrazione per i Vs. sistemi a carta, siano essi dei COSEMA o di altre marche.

L’unità produttiva è situata in Lombardia a Lomagna nella provincia di Lecco, facilmente raggiungibili e ben servite dai principali corrieri e spedizionieri.

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Cosema Trading srl

COSEMA TRADING is aimed at every type of customer, from the manufacturer of machine tools with stand-alone or customized solutions, to the dealer-distributor with a range of standard products in the catalogue, up to the end user, from the small on board machine plant to the centralized plant for the management of the entire factory or working islands.
The offer is completed with a wide range of top quality filter fabrics, available in different materials, heights and weights to meet any kind of filtering requirement for your paper systems, whether they are COSEMA or other brands.

The production unit is located in Lomagna in the province of Lecco, Lombardy, easily accessible and well served by the main couriers and forwarders.

Our extensive production

COSEMA TRADING boasts a vertical production cycle, starting from the construction of the internal carpentry to the final assembly of the plant. This allows us a greater flexibility with very short delivery times and better control of the production cycle and the product quality. The company also benefits from external partners in order to be able to meet any demand.
The robustness and reliability of the systems offered, as well as the choice to offer the market very simple systems, with limited maintenance and easily manageable by all types of users, represent the characteristic element of COSEMA TRADING.

Mission and values

We are committed to researching innovative solutions that can meet the demands of the market.


COSEMA TRADING is present all over Italy and in the world with agents, distributors and retailers.


Service for the supply of spare parts, consumables and technical assistance at the customer's premises.

Our strengths

The strong point of Cosema Trading srl is its several years of experience based on the numerous on-board and centralized plants built over the years in all sectors and types of processing, which allows the company to have a wealth of experience.

Commercial agreements with important partners as producers of centrifugal machines, chippers, compactors, mist extractors, super-filtration plants, chemical-physical systems, etc. complete the offer of products and integrated solutions.



Via Marconi, 6/G
23871 - Lomagna (LC)

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